He knew.

“He knew he was in love with her the moment he realized what love was. It was just like what you read in books, what you see in Shakespeare, what you hear in Beatles songs. Honestly, it was even better than all that. It was perfection; she was. There wasn’t a moment he didn’t think of her. Every time she spoke to him, he tried to replay her voice in his head over and over again. He wouldn’t stop smiling. It was all he needed to be happy. She, was all he needed.
He fell asleep at night thinking of her. He saw her in his dreams, her jet black hair and her brown eyes. Her long eyelashes. And that smile, oh that smile. She was all the motivation he needed. He didn’t understand how it was possible for someone to be so obsessed with another person. How could anyone possibly care for someone else the way he did for her?
But it was all happening, it was real. He would do anything for her, absolutely anything.

He knew he wouldn’t ever force her to be with him. He would never put her on the spot; he would never risk losing her. In fact, he will give himself time, to become a better person, to grow into a more mature human being, the kind of man she deserves. He hoped, with all his heart, that someday, someday she’ll love him the way he loves her. Let it be ten or twenty years from now, he didn’t care, he will wait for her. Until then he will love her, more and more, every day.”
Thisuri Wanniarachchi, The Terrorist’s Daughter


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